Help to decide what to do with fp2 [solved]

Hello everybody!

I recently buy a refurnished FP2, that it is said that are quality tested, but it arrived to my home with this problems:

  • can not turn off, the terminal just reboot instead.
  • the camera show distorted images and eventually send a “camera not reachable”
    Then I began to think that this terminal it is not quality tested.
    So I began to read forums, and, the response was that the camera was not well tight, so I tied it and then the camera began to run perfect But, I noticed that there were a speck of dust inside the camera that it is visible when making photos or videos. This can not be quality tested.

So I began to read more, and what I have found it is nothing but problems in this forum: overheat, ramdom reboots, video and audio problems and it seems to me that it does not look like an life longer phone, or more sustainable if you have to buy spars every day. My old phone, a sony, has been with me for 8 years and it is still working and I don’t know what to do because internet is a disaster when you need information -everyone knows and think the opposite of the rest- and I need to know for choosing.

So, I will ask you a favour. Please, the ones who have FP2 may tell me if they live and use the phone, or they live for the phone with problems, forums, reparations, tricks and cautions every day, cause I do not want to be phone focused on life. It is overheat problem solved? the ramdom reboots are solved? Also, I want to ask you if you use FOOS: which size of memory is consumed by the system and if you have firefox, spotify, whatsapp and osmaps and they working all right and you can use your phone as a tom-tom.

Please, do not link to another posts cause that is cruel and I think I have read them all and the one thing I know it is that I have found no conclusions but bug-trackers .
Thank you.

Get in contact with Fairphone Support and get your device replaced.

Do you know that you have not respond to any question that I have made? Please!!
Of course that I am in contact with the fairphone support but if you read what I have wrote I am asking for some of the owners of the fairphone 2 to tell me honestly about the normal behaviour of the phone, that’s what I am asking.

I do not know if I have overheat issue or ramdoms reboots, but, the bugtrackers are full of frustated people asking for help and I do not want live that experience.

Anyway, thank you.

Well then … Most Fairphone 2s work totally fine for their users.
Mine does, too.

If you consult bugtrackers and forums on the internet, problems will of course be overrepresented.

That being said, Fairphone does indeed struggle with inconsistent part quality. As ingeniously easy as it is to replace the parts yourself, as unfavourably necessary it can become more often than Fairphone or any of us here would like.

This was a software issue with the improved camera module and supposedly fixed, please update your phone to the latest OS version.
The workaround before the fix was to activate the flashlight before turning off the phone.


If most phones didn’t work well Fairphone would long be history.

There is no overheat problem with the Fairphone. Phones sometimes get hot, but that’s usually not a problem. If they get too hot they turn off automatically. If the phone doesn’t turn off, then something is wrong. If it turns off a lot even though there is no good reason for it getting that hot then there is something wrong too.

Similar answer, though there really was a time when there were very many reports about random reboots, but that was a long time ago. So while random reboots can still occur and of course you can always be unlucky and have a defective phone that reboots a lot, yes - the random reboots issue is fixed.

Open OS uses less memory than Fairphone OS, because there are no GAPPS phoning home constantly. Firefox shouldn’t be a problem. Whatsapp and OSMand are known to use up a lot of power, but as long as you don’t do too many things at once with your phone it should work.


Thanks AnotherElk and paulakreuzer!

As I read your answer I get more confident about my purchase.

So, AnotherElk, when you say:

Are you telling me that fairphone needs parts more often? I know, compared to what, but for example, it is normal to have to buy one part in a year? (not for fails on the floor or drops in the water)

Well i haven’t bought a replacement part in 3,5 years, only upgraded both cameras. I’m using the fp2 for navigation when I’m in holidays (so, up to 30 days a year…). It’s on current while navigating, and gets quite got (probably also because of the sun behind the windshield), but no problems. I’m on LOS since there’s LOS for the fp2, also I’m using gapps
… granted, 2GB aren’t much today, but I’m quite well getting along with kiwi, diverse chat apps and readers


I have read some other posts, and I can see that there is not much requirements for replacements if you treat the phone properly. So, I am going to try.
Thank you IKlaus!

I am going to set this thread solved.

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I guess it’s always the same, be it pc, phone or whatever… If you’re on specs way off of every limit , lots of cpu, 6GB or more you might encounter on actual phones, you can use the device without any considerations… With the fp, you have to consider its limits, but still it’s a very useful device… Only maybe not thoughtless…

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