Help: possible software issue phone calls threema / telegram / signal but not whatsapp (lineageOS)


since a few weeks I have serious trouble using phone services of Signal. Telegram and Threema. At first I thought it might be a hardware issue, however I found out that phone calls via whatsapp work well. I did some updates and it was a little bit better but still a problem which makes my phone unusable for such calls.

Does anyone have any idea what to do? This is a crucial function for me as I travel a lot and if I cannot fix that problem my Fairphone-Time would be over after 3,5 years :frowning:

-FP 2

  • LinageOS

What kind of trouble exactly? Sound quality? Error messages?

What exactly does it say in Settings - System - About phone - LineageOS version?

basically if I use the telephone or recording function of those messengers there is something like my voice in the very distance but basically loud cracking which makes it impossible to understand.

Android 8.1.0,
LinaegeOS 15.1-20190224-Nightly-FP2
llama (9)

No idea where to start here. You could install the Fairphone Checkup App from
But then it doesn’t really sound like a hardware problem if it’s fine in WhatsApp.

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