Help needed to update kernel for FP3 LineageOS

Hi all,
The present kernel that we are using at GitHub - LineageOS/android_kernel_fairphone_sdm632 is too old(Maybe from Android 9 I guess). Hence, I have taken up a task of updating the kernel.

Along with this, I will be raising a proposal to update audio/display and media HAL projects as well.

So, for the kernel topic,:

  1. Took latest available tag for msm8953 as baseline: LA.UM.10.6.2.r1-00600-89xx.0(Android S)
  2. Took same tag for prima and audio kernel projects.
  3. Merged these two into main kernel via subtree.
  4. Cherry picked all arima commits to the kernel project.
  5. Cherry picked a few more commits for techpack.

With this, I am not able to move forward. Either I end up with strange compilation issue or device goes back to bootloader.

I have pushed the current state to: GitHub - WeAreFairphone/android_kernel_fairphone_sdm632 at staging/12/fp3

Looking for some help to move forward.


Hi @z3ntu , @sooorajjj , @dk1978

Requesting your help for this task. I’ve tried for 2-3 days but could not make much progress on this.

I’m not really experienced in the Android universe, and not flexible with my fp3 (daily driver), but I’m fairly deep in Linux, and might see one or another thing. Are there any log files or error messages to look at?

This issue is fixed now with defconfig: enable CONFIG_BUILD_ARM64_DT_OVERLAY · WeAreFairphone/android_kernel_fairphone_sdm632@ef34c41 · GitHub

Thanks a lot @z3ntu .


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