Help needed - Hiding WIFI Icon

Hi All… I often use my office WIFI and I just want others not to see whether I am connected to WIFI or otherwise. so as i can handover my phone to everyone. I searched here but could not do the job. Because I am not developer or modirator. I am using FP 1 (U) custom ROM 4.4.4 Kitkat by @chrmhoffmann. Is there any way to do the same. Or is this ROM compatible with this. If yes then please step by step guide is requested.

You might want to try the following Exposed Module

  1. Download and install the Xposed Framework. Make sure you download the latest stable build 2.6.1 (click on “older versions”).
  2. In the Xposed installer go to “download” and search for Statusbar Icon Hider. Install it.

I have not tried it, but the description sounds promising. The module was also featured in xda’s blog.

thanks @Stefan… I did alot but it didn’t work. anyway thanks for reply