Help! My phone stopped working today in my pocket

It has been charging just fine, no big issues like this. Today, it went in my pocket on, came out some while later off… won’t activate by charging, won’t give any sign of life. Even plugged into my computer, no life through the USB, no *ding that something has connected (I thought maybe just the screen had died, it has come loose at the top).

Last night I used a bit of a matchstick to pick out some sawdust from the USB-C port, but it seemed to work fine after I did this.

Are there any tricks to get access to this phone at this point? I don’t know how to go forward troubleshooting.

I’ve had the same problem just today. Have you received any feedback or made any progress yet?

There are some other reports of sudden death of a FP3, see for example:

Please contact support, if your FP3 is still under warranty or try the fixes in the thread.


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