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I have just created my first issue in the bug tracker. But the bug tracker failed to upload my images and I do not know how to modify an issue. So I thought to look for help on how to use the BugTracker, as it is written

If you’re still not confident that you’re doing it right, feel free to ask for help. Don’t worry, everyone is a beginner at first.

Can anybody tell me how to ask for help on how to use the BugTracker ?
Whom to address ?

I found an email of Taiga but I want rather to ask someone from the FairPhone Team.

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Sorry for the late reply.

There is an old bug-report about this in the bugtracker’s own issue tracker:

Status is still “accepted” so seems it’s simply not fixed yet, but maybe you should revive the discussion there.

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The main point of my comment is about the absence of a contact details.

How can I ask for help if I do not know how or whom to ask?

You can ask questions in the bugtracker too. Just use “question” as “type” instead of “bug” or “enhancement”.

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