HELP! Fairphone and MacBook Air not connecting to upload photos

Hi there. First go at posting a topic on here. REALLY wanting to get some photos off my FP but when I plug my USB cable into my Mac it does not register it is connected. I watched this tutorial in order to find an answer, but when I swipe down to get the menu, there are no messages to click on about a USB connection to my computer. The lead is working though, as the phone is charging up from the computer. Any ideas???

Did you try another cable?
There are some USB cables designed only for charging, but with no data connection.

It might be a setting on the phone.
When plugged in, drag the top bar down. If the cable is good, you should see a USB symbol in the notification area, together with the mode it’s connected in.
If it’s in “USB Charge only” your computer will not notice the device.

The available modes are:

  1. USB storage (I think this only exposes the SD card)
  2. MTP
  3. PTP
  4. Charge only

Both MTP and PTP should be fine.

I tried this since I am having the same problem that TS had, but with MTP or PTP on my macbook doesn’t find any external devices (so it doesn’t find my fairphone at all). It does find my phone when I have the USB-storagemode on but then I can’t find my photo’s anywhere. The silly thing is that I can find my older photo’s, the ones that are one my SIMcard (in USB-storagemode, just to be clear).

How can I fix this? I really would like a backup of all these pictures of my children.

It’s odd that both MTP and PTP don’t work.Does this work on your macbook with other devices (eg a digital camera)?

If connecting through USB-storage mode, the Fairphone simply attaches the SD card to the PC as if it were a USB thumb drive.
The camera app uses the internal memory for storing photo’s (and all other data) per default, so they will not appear on the PC.
Copying them to the SD card with a file manager app (on the phone) should make them visible.
In the settings, Storage, you can also switch were photo’s are stored per default (set it to the SD card).
Doing this makes a lot of sense: if anything ever goes wrong with the phone, recovering data from an SD card (if not malfunctioning too) is a lot easier than from internal memory (if that’s possible at all).

I hope this helps you.