Help Fairphone! 5-min Survey on smartphone longevity!

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Hi all,

As you know, one of the objectives of Fairphone is to show that phones can last longer. This is not easy, specially for a scale-up like us, but we keep on improving, designing phones that are modular, making spare parts available and with long term software support. Thanks for being there with us at each step of the way.

We want to make sure that we also understand better the motivations of users to keep or replace their smartphones. We have a 5-min survey here to help us there. Would you help us to answer the questions? Thanks for your support!

Access the survey here!


Done! I was voluntarily picky :wink:

One thought I’ve just had for future camera upgrades: to leave the space and possibility on next FP4(+) to add one or several new camera module(s) instead/on top of replacing the first one. For example adding a wide-angle camera AND a telephoto one, for zooming or having wide angle pictures without resolution loss.

This would avoid module waste and allow people who care about picture quality to have a good set of multiple cameras rather than to throw away the first one only a year after the launch, while allowing non techy-people to just have one camera in the back of their Fairphone.


Thanks for the survey! I really hope there will be more of these to come. :slight_smile:


Nice concept! However, one thing I reacted to was that there discount possible to reach was limited (which is an obvious necessity) - but I feel my expectations was built up and then not fully met. My point is not that the concept is flawed, but that I think it will be more successful if it builds expectations in a smarter and different way. Maybe it can build up discount percentages that you can use on a phone and accessories, for example? Then you can keep you phone longer than 15 months

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our survey. Your participation in our research is much appreciated!!

Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing. We realise others in the forum have reported the same issue and we are currently looking into this. Could you perhaps share your support ticket number so we can follow this up with the Customer Support team?



I just answered the survey. As said, my main problem with Fairphone is a screen way too big, even for the FP2. The FP3 is even worse, that’s why I didn’t buy it. I want to be able to access the whole screen grabbing my phone with only one hand.
I also wanted to add that if the hardware was supported directly in the vanilla linux kernel, this would help a lot for security updates. But I submitted the form by pressing Enter, thinking it would add a new line… So I tell that here :smiley:

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