HELP! Battery crashed or perhaps motherboard dead?

Hello, I hope someone is willing to help me try to figure out what is wrong with my phone.

A few months ago my 3+ stopped charging. I waited for the bottom module and just installed it. This is the 2nd time that I installed it. It is still not charging…I am now worried that the motherboard module is damaged or it could be that the battery has crashed.

Will the bottom module work if 1 screw is missing???
Will the charging light light up if the battery is dead???
Will the charging light light up if the motherboard is dead???

I have tried various plugs and cables, none get the charging light to light up.

Thank you

Yes the bottom module needs all the screws.
Unscrew a screw from the left side off the phone and use it for the bottom module.
See if this helps.

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Unfortunately, using all screws is not making it work. It is still not charging. Can it be the battery or the motherboard?

If you have already ruled out the charger, usb cable, and bottom module, it has to be an issue somewhere after the bottom module on the way to the battery. If you know someone with a FP3 you can easily swap batteries to find out? Or try a local angel? There are reports on the forum of the power controller on the main PCB going down. After you have ruled out the battery that is perhaps all you are left with: the PCB, or connections between I suppose.

Perhaps there is a Fairphone Angel in your neighbourhood who you can ask for help to test modules.


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