🇫🇷 🇬🇧 Help ! A problem receiving messages / sms

Hello / Bonjour
J’utilise pour la première fois mon Fairphone 2 / Using for the first time my phone.

J’envoie des sms à des contacts de mon carnet d’adresse, ils les reçoivent mais je ne reçois pas leurs réponses…que faire ??

I send text messages to my friends, they got them but i don’t receive their replies…what can i do ??

Merci beaucoup !!

If you used an iPhone before, and your friends still use iPhones:

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yes i saw that specificity after my topic…i cancelled the imessages on the apple link but i still don’t receive messages from certains friends (who use iphone)…

It might take a while for the change to become fully effective - I’ve never had an iPhone, so I don’t know how long it can take.

Thanks for your quick reply much appreciated!

Also, I think that messages sent to you via iMessage before you stopped iMessage will not be automatically resent via SMS. New messages should start to arrive via SMS, the old ones probably won’t.

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