“heavy users“: how are you keeping up?

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to know how you guys are keeping up with new stiff on the forum.

I just recently changed the forum settings, and now I try to look into all new topics, not only into those which are from the last two days. I use the web forum on my pc more often, but I started to check via FF on my phone as well.
I tried to minimise notifications via mail.

I notice that the mods, especially @Stefan, are quite fast to react.

So, how do you manage, technically - and how do you, socially? Does the forum take much of your attention?

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I tend to follow every new topic and any new posts on existing topics. It’s the only way I find to know what’s going on.

I don’t think it takes up a great deal of time, but if I don’t get to check in over a period of a few days it means spending a few hours reading the next time I log in :unamused:

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I noticed that you are around a lot recently and find it great! :slight_smile:

I check in, whenever I am going by tram, sometimes at university and now and then, when I need a break from working on the PC.

I am watching the Software, Repair, Blog and Roadmap categories. I am tracking the Help category, but do not read every post, only if there is spare time left.

Most of the time I use the forum through FF for Android. I never get any mail notifications. What is great is, that with the recent Discourse update, you can even modify topic titles on mobile. Moving posts still is hard…

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I also try to read all posts because I want to share my knowledge with everyone and I strong believe in open source and fair projects!
However I don’t tend to answer all questions when I’m not sure I understood correctly the problem, to avoid forum search engine find misleading or wrong answers, which could let inexperienced users to do wrong things :wink:
Bye! :smile:

P.S. sorry for resuming this old thread but I just discovered my “power” of access the lounge section :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone,

I also try to read every Topic, especially at the Help and Software sections. As person with a more technical job I’m trying to make thinks better understandable for persons with other obsessions. I don’t know if it succeeds very often but I try my best ;).

I visit the forum most time from work, while I’m waiting for the PC or the feedback of a colleague or when I just need a little brake.


PS: @DjDas don’t forget your power to lead my attention to this thread ;).