Heavy freezes with FP3+ after unlocking

Hi everyone,
since one week, I have a brand new FP3+ that worked fine for the first couple of days, but is now experiencing some heavy performance issues that seem to get worse. After unlocking the phone, it will mostly work for a few seconds and then freeze completely, sometimes just a few seconds, but just recently I measured a freeze that was over 90 seconds long! In this time, I can’t do anything and all the inputs I’m doing seem to get noticed, but only get executed afterwards. Often, the first freeze won’t stay the only one and after a few seconds where I can scroll normally through my apps, the system freezes again. This way, it takes a couple minutes after unlocking until I can use the phone normally. I know the FP doesn’t have high end hardware, but this can’t be normal. Has anybody experienced similiar issues? Thanks in advance!

If you want to analyze the problem there are a lot of things you can try:

  • reboot the phone
  • start the phone in #dic:safemode to see if it’s related to installed apps
  • if you use an SD card as “internal memory”, change it to “portable memory” (that’s currently recommended anyway) (backup data first)
  • remove SD card (if portal memory) and/or SIM to see if problem persists
  • use adb shell top to check which process consumes CPU while problem happens
  • have a look at adb log while problem happens to see if there are obvious error messages
  • use a different OS (see #oslist) to check if it’s OS or HW related (backup data first)
  • #dic:factorydatareset (backup data first)
  • #contactsupport

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