Heart rate sensor does not connect

I assume this belongs in another topic but it’s hard to get a good overview so i’ll let the moderators move it. I bought a fancy new bluetooth heart rate sensor. I was surprised that i couldn’t connect it to my phone or fitnessapp so i looked on the forum. Apparently most heart rate sensors require Android 4.3. My question: is there any way i can get my heart rate sensor (Tigra Smart Heart Rate Sensor) to connect with my FP? Plz note i am not a developer :slight_smile:

No. If it requires 4.3 it won’t work with the FP1 / FP1U in the near future.

On a personal note regarding the work of us moderators: How exactly is it “hard to get a good overview” and what could we do to improve the experience?

If questions are really specific like mine it’s hard to see what topic it fits in. I always try to find the answer to my question before i post it and i scroll through a lot of topics that are linked to my question. Those topics are always very long so it takes some time. But i don’t know how it would get better, the links to other topics on the side are handy so it’s certainly not all bad.

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Maybe you could help the community by creating new topic, which the mods could make a wiki post, so the community could collect all devices, which work with the FP1(U), and those which don’t. It would be a great help for other people, who are searching for a quick answer to their questions, just as you.

That’s a good idea but how do i wiki post? I only see how to edit a wiki post in the topic.

Ah, only moderators can convert a post to a wiki post, so you could create a new topic with the information you can find and then you come back to e.g. me and I make your topic a wiki post. :slight_smile: Thanks for your contribution!

No problem. I don’t have time atm to search for other gear on the forum but the topic has been created.

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Thanks a lot already! :slight_smile:

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