Headset with mic and volume buttons doesn't work

Hey there

Just bought a jbl headset with integrated micro and volume buttons.

I saw there is already a few topics about volume and mic issues but I didn’t find any clear answer about this…

I’ve got a few questions.

  1. When I answer a call with the headset in, i can hear the sound but my interlocutor cannot hear me at all, even when i take the phone on my head to use it normally… how to make this mic work ?

  2. If not possible, how to prevent the FP2 to mute the built-in mic when the headset is plugged ? I just wanna be able to answer a call even when I was listening to music…

  3. Is there any real solution to activate the volume buttons which are not working at all ?

Thanks by advance :slight_smile:

Am I the only one to have this muted microphone issue ?

I readed a lot about the head set incompatibility but how do you guys answer a phone call when even the phone’s microphone is muted ?

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