Headset volume very low during call since Fairphone 2 OS version 1.2.8


the volume on all my headsets (cable and bluetooth) is very low since version 1.2.8. It’s so low that I sometimes cannot understand the other side. How can I fix this?


Perhaps updating to version 1.3.6 will do the trick update 1.3.6.

Unfortunately it didn’t :confounded:
Anyone else got this problem? Any clues what to do in order to increase the volume?

Do you have the possibility to try another headset?
Of course you already checked the volume slider in settings, sound & notifications.

Yes I’ve tried various bluetooth and cable headsets all the same. sound settings only expose media volume, alarm volume and ring volume. they do not have effect on the headset volume.

Just to check: did you try to adjust the volume during a call? It’s normal Android behavior that you don’t get to adjust the call volume unless a call is in progress.

Yes I did. Adjusting the Volume during the call only lowers the volume. setting volume to max still yields to much lower volume. No one else having this problem? Maybe I should file a bug…

For me the volume is in a good range, but at least the minimum volume was changed in 1.2.8 as it was way too loud for many headsets (see https://forum.fairphone.com/t/minimum-volume-too-loud-when-using-headset/12913). That shouldn’t have had effect on bluetooth headsets, though, as far as I understood. There are now a couple of comments about too low max volume in the above thread, so I suppose the fix didn’t increase the range but reduced the overall volume.

update: OS Update 1.4.2 and latest OS update 16.06 didn’t chhange the situation. I have tu use noise cancelling headphones to understand anything the side speaks. Support Request issued early last week still remains to be answered. Hope that someone opver at FP is taking this seriously. :confused:

No change for my in FP OS 1.8.1. Headset still much to low volume…

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