Headset remote buttons do not work

I’ve opened this topic to concentrate the discussion regarding headset buttons.

Catching up from: Headset mic not working

check, just found the mic working so will check the app for directing the used button…

Update: the single click works but not well. Double and triple click doesn’t work at all
The sound controle of the app is pretty good so it is already a nice feature added to my FP2

the single click is not very responsive. It feels like the signal isn’t properly going from the remote to FP2.

My headset from FP1 is not working on the FP2. I am able to hear music, but the buttons on the headset (stop/skip) are not working.

My initial comments was in the context of whether the jack layout had changed between the FP1 and the FP2. Simple functions (audio in/out) should work. Getting the buttons to work turns out to be an issue that is not solely determined by the jack layout. Unfortunately, I don’t have any wisdom on that front to share, other than that this issue seems more general to android phones and that some people report (on other forums) that specific apps for remapping button presses solves the problem.

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Can anybody provide knowledge, how the remote buttons do work?

As there are no additionally pins on the jack, the button-signal has to go through 2 of the pins used for audio output (3 for stereo) and audio input (2 for mono mic). If both using the same ground (which is standard) this adds to the normal 4 pins.

  • How the remote button come into the game here?
  • Has the hardware recognise this mystery signal, or the software or most likely both?
  • What is hereby the difference in working principle between the “call answer button” (which often works) and the “forward/back” button (which only works for some headsets) ?

I’ve been talking to the Philips/Gibson people on the forum; they are not able to figure out why my headphone remote is not working up till now.
What is did find out was my headphone remote seem to work perfectly on a Samsung S5. Which also runs on Android.

The strange thing is; My jack simply seems to go further into a Samsung compared to a Fairphone. Combined with the fact that I’ve got the feeling the remote is sometimes responsive and sometimes not, it feels like the jack is simply not connecting well to the phone.

There have been some reports of the jack not easily fitting and requiring a bit more pressure to fit correctly (e.g. here), but be careful not to damage anything trying…

I found that part out pretty soon. My jack is in with almost no room between itself and the casing.
I’ve done the check whether it would go in further without the casing but this was not the case.

I’ve got a reply from Philips concerning the specific headphones:

Phillips support: [quote]
So it looks like your cable is the old model but it should still work with your phone. Therefore it would be a smashing idea if you got in touch with Fairphone because they will know exactly how to guide you further when it comes to the phone’s settings for the headphone control.

Best to open a support ticket for that (as the whole forum is a community thing, rather than official Fairphone support). New tickets can be opened via https://fairphone.com/asksupport. They seem to be very busy, so it may take a while for them to get back to you, but I hope they will!

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