Headphones not working

Hi, my headphones on my fairphone 4 are not working any more. I thought it was the headphones themselves and had already picked up some new ones, but actually the headphones still work fine on my computer which also has a USB-c output. It makes a tak tak tak tak sound. However, it charges still perfectly the USB -c connection must still be working.

Any ideas?

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What kind of headphones are you using?

The new ones I bought are
xssive usb-c socket stereo earphone

Can you transfer data through the USB port? As basic charging uses other contacts than data connections it still can possibly be a problem with the port.

That’s a good question, but yes, I can still connect it to my computer and transfer files.

Actually, suddenly since this morning now i’m having trouble charging my phone on the usb-c cable. when i put the cable of the fariphone charger in the normal USB socket, it does charge. So there is something wrong with the USB-c?

Is there any shop in Amsterdam or so where you can get the fairphone people look at it, if it’s still under guarantee? I’d rather not sent it

You could perhaps contact the Fairphone Angel in Almere to see if they can help?

In the end I had the connector cleaned and that was the problem!


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