Headphone out maximum value too low

Hey everyone,
The FP2 just does not deliver enough power when I want it to connect to external amplifiers, e.g. the AUX IN jack for my car. I have to turn the volume on the FP2 AND my car all the way up to get o.k. levels. And when I turn it up so much on the amplifier side (car), the sound quality degrades due to noise…
My previous smartphone (Huawei P6) and the smartphone of my wife (Motorola Razr i) are able to provide much higher output levels.

Don’t get me wrong: When I use headphones, the volume is totally sufficient. My problem just occurs when connecting it to my car, to external Hifi amplifiers, active speakers etc.

In case of my Huawei, there was a small software modification I could do to omit the headphone out limit. Is it possible on the FP2 as well?


EDIT: the fix below is FP1 only, sorry!

I’m guessing that this is essentially the same issue as the one described in this topic:
There’s mention of using engineer mode to set volumes - I’m guessing people can help you in that topic if you have any questions about that.

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