Headphone Jack Removal - Lost Customer

Be careful, that looks like a recommendation, and whereas security may have been a bone of contention for you elsewhere, encouraging someone to act in a way that may burn the house down is rather more of an issue, some may think.
Of course I may be misunderstanding you as you clearly did not say anyone should replace the battery.


There’s always a danger with batteries, more so when you have physical access to them and are able to pierce them. I’m not at all handy with physical stuff and I’ve been able to replace a battery in an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 8. It got more difficult with recent iPhones. The curve differs. The iFixit guides are solid in denoting how difficult the repair is going to be. If you read them well and are as handy as I am (not very…) then you should be good to go. You probably will lose whatever IP rating you got though, unless you reglue carefully.


The topic is about Headphone jack removal so whereas the batteries in the earpods may be relevant the rest is well off topic.

So to bring it back a bit, and stretch the issue over another topic see:

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I am also quitting the “Fairphone ideal” as they just try to sell an image of “sustainable” but follow practices from other big manufacturers. I’ve just had to dump my 3-year old FP2 because it needs a module that is no longer manufactured… so what’s the modular design good for? where’s the sustainability??


Hi @FairBob Welcome to the forum though by your statement this may be the last ‘we’ see of you, you may not even read this.

Still if you are still here, whereas I empathise with your sustainability issue Fairphone is more about the Fair trade issue with the supply chain than consumer expectations.

But this ‘complaint’ may be better suited to another topic that this one focused on ’ jack being missing’ and the community search for them.

Maybe you could contribute to

where I would appreciate more your views on how Fairphone haven’t lived up to your expectations.

On this issue maybe the following can help.

What module are you looking for? There are a bunch of users here with spare part stockpiles, so we may be able to help - if it’s not too late, of course.


Just so you know you are not alone.

I use to play music from the phone on hi-fi systems connected via 3,5mm jack, with plugged in charger. The USB connector will not be sufficient.

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You can get a dongle that allows both, it’s a little more flaff and and a few more pfennigs but being used as you indicate shouldn’t add too much stress to the ‘replaceable’ USB port.

Probably better getting a bluetooth adapter for the hi-fi system.

Though I note there is always a slight delay using bluetooth. :frowning:

There is, but e.g. apps with video (including STB/smart TV) offset for that by syncing the video (adding the same latency to the video).

There’s one curious situation where the delay sucks (and it cannot be solved, unless we all adapt to the same technology): live sports where entire nation watches, like football. Your neighbor watches on cable TV and screams goal, while you’re still in the action.


Interesting, I never heard of that. What is that kind of dongle called that I can search for it?


Hi @JeroenH, do you actually know of a BT headset with a user-replaceable battery? When I last looked I couldn’t find one.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah the new Fairphone earbuds should have that. [EDIT: they don’t]

Also the Sony WF1000XM3 (predecessor of WF1000XM4). It is relatively cheap right now (because of its successor being released), and has very good ANC (I can tell you from first hand experience: almost as good as its successor). Its not officially supported the replacement, but there’s guides available such as this one:



Thank you!
That something like this is produced reminds me of using medication against the unwanted side effects of another medication.

Well, a 3,5 mm jack would solve all the discussed issues in this thread (new BT headset, replaceble battery, dongle …) :grin:


There’s no indication that the Fairphone earbuds have replaceable batteries, although once the warranty has expired you could prize them open and effect a DIY :frowning:

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Yes, but we wouldn’t have noticed, as the thread wouldn’t have been started :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m glad nobody asked for a cigarette lighter and the effects it would have on battery life :wink:.

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My bad the Fairphone earbuds are indeed not officially repairable. How well they’re repairable? I’d wait for an iFixit teardown to assess that.


This one would be more convenient for me: