Headphone jack defective?

Anyone got FP2 headphone jack close-up pic or can I find one posted somewhere ? Ours may be incorrect? I can’t seem to upload a pic here.

Have a look at these topics, maybe you’ll find the information you need in there:

I need a photo as ours looks like it is now defective (I put a photo in Twitter). It’s quite new so may have to return it by wanted to check pics first. Thanks.

Well, there is this one: Headset mic not working

Hi, thanks. My headphones work but not the mic & volume controls that are on my headphones lead.
Also, the little metal tab has broken off at the entrance point of the headphone socket in the top of FP2. The headphones sound still works but not sure if it was just there to secure the jack plug or as some sort of contact?

I think it is/was the microphone contact. So I find it logical that your microphone doesn’t work.
You can buy a new top module which contains the headphone jack at the Fairphone shop.