Headphone jack broken, audio only right ear, calls only on speaker

Hi folks,
tl;dr: what is the current waiting time to get reply from support?

long version:
Problem 1:
My phone fell down with headphones in (~40cm fall hight). Now I only have sound on my right ear. And I can’t make regular phone calls, only when I put the other party on loud speakers.
Problem 2:
I tried to order a new headphone socket (FP2). For some reason this is impossible. I do not use addblock (i.e. deactivated), I even tried different addresses for delivery (home/work), because there is a 35 character limit. When I use mastercard the order got cancled, when I used visa it automatically emptied my basked without any purchase.
Problem 2.1: DHL is usually a shit option for delivery home, because I need to be home during their office hours (7:00-16:00 or something ridicuolus like that). And I also need to wait infront of my door, because the house does not have a doorbell (thank you architect) and DHL can’t call my phone (or they usually don’t have my number. That’s why I prefere delivery to my work with 24/7 reception.
Problem 3: I now have several orders ‘cancled’ in my order status and several orders of the same type (headphone socket) pending (since 5 days). Nothing seems to be happening
Problem 4 (last I promise): I did send a request to customer support, but that is 5 days ago and I haven’t heard anything back (only the usuall auto reply).

So I guess, this is my main question to you guys
How long is the queue at the moment? I don’t want to jam the support system by sending more than 1 request, but it’s really frustrating. I basically can’t use the phone and knowing what a bunch of screw ups DHL & co. are I’ll probably have to wait another 1-2 weeks AFTER I ordered the replacment parts, which I CAN’T order…

I called support (no waiting time, no talking to robots and no shitty waiting music!) and they (Johnny in this case) are super nice and friendly.
So, apparently I broke the order system, probably due to issues with Mastercard, which I used first as a payment option, before using visa (and then banking). Sorry for that. Support thinks that there are issues with my phones headphone jack & bottom unit microphone. TIL when you chat on loud speakers the phone uses a different mic on the back of the phone. Long story short: I get replacement parts for top & bottom units, which fortunately is still on the warranty.
Once again really happy to have a FP!

It’s probably best to call Support.
You’ll find the number on the bottom of the support page.


Thanks Paul, I’ll do that.

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