Headphone (audio) output is clogged

Yesterday, a little piece of my trouser’s fabric got caught in the headphone (audio) output. Now it is impossible to listen to music with my headphone on since the since the plug “bounces” back on the fabric. I tried to get out by using a pencil and the vacuumcleaner. However, it is still stuck in the output. Can anyone help me? I really like listening to spotify when I am cycling or traveling by train and in these situations headphones are a must :slightly_smiling:

Just for info, it’s “constipated” for not being able to poop the piece of fabric ?

Seriously, you need to use needle point tweezers. Something like that:

Thanks for your reply, I changed the title. I havnt tried the needle point tweezers yet, so that could be a good idea. However, I can’t see the fabric and I am a little bit afraid of damaging the device.

I worked it out. A paperclip did the job. This thread can be closed now :slight_smile: