Have to enable the unlocking of OEM on Android 10. option is grey

On Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 - Fairphone follow the steps until 3
3 Enable OEM unlocking and follow the instructions. You might need to enter the PIN, password or pattern for unlocking the lock screen of your FP3. After that a popup appears on the phone screen.
BUT on the popup Input verify code (with a warning) is not possible to enable this input. option is grey.

Does your FP3 have internet connection? IIRC the verify code gets checked against a server. If that’s not reachable it might cause this situation.

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Thanks for your answer. I do have the code. The phone is connected to internet. Now I want to add it in the right place. But that place is disabled.

You have to tap once into the input field, then the keyboard should come up, and you should be able to enter the code there and then continue with the button.

Is this the first time you use the unlocking?
If you have successfully unlocked your phone before and locked the phone after installing, then now you only have to unlock your phone in developers section.

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