Has he blocked me as a contact?

My husband has a new Fairphone too, and as we are both beginners, we are easily getting confused. Today, he was trying to send me an SMS and I did not receive it. However, when he tried to call me, the phone rang. What on earth is going on? Last time this type of things happened on our old phones, he had blocked me out by mistake. How do we find out what is happening this time?

Which Apps are you using to send and receive SMS?

The standard one that comes with the phone.

Did you check if it is an accidential block then?

That’s what we would like to do, but how to do it?

As far as I know you have two possibilities: Reset the phone(s) and install all updates

Or: Install an app that does SMS for you and see if it works better.

I use Textsecure. It encrypts SMS that are saved on your phone and if you write SMS with someone else using Textsecure it encrypts the SMS before sending them (making it harder for intereceptors to read them)

For the blocking: I do not know that sorry. Send a Mail to the support.

This sounds a bit too complicated. All I want to do is to check what’s going on with cout contacts. I’m going to sugest my husband to delete me as a contact and add it again. What do you think?

Maybe try to send a new SMS (bottom left in the standard APP) and manually typing the number.

By the way: in Settings -> SMS you can make him request a delivery report. That might help to spot the problem.

We’ve tried all that - to no avail!!! I’ve also used the post about blocking phone numbers to check that none of us had blocked the other. This is rather annoying!

Maybe something is wrong with your operator. You could try to contact them and ask if they have an answer.

That’s another possibility. My SIM card is an old one I bought from Virgin years ago. It might not be as efficient as a new one.

Or it just worn out.

To get to a solution I would suggest you contact the Fairphone support, or send in the phone and claim warranty.

In any case you could ask your provider for a new simcard. Even if your old one is not broken yet. Sims cards are not made to last long (I guess).

Yep. Install Textsecure on both phones and replae your sms app with it. This should solve the issue. Plus you’ll text each other for free.

If you have internet you will be able to send push messages (just as whatsapp, kik, viber, line etc, BUT encrypted AND in the same feed as your normal sms).

Thanks for your message, but I’d rather not use any Google App.

That was meant to be a reply to Madde!

@Fairlulu TextSecure is no App by Google. It’s an open source by Open Whisper Systems. If you are referring to it’s use of the gcm service - all SMS apps for Android use that. There will however be a switch to the websocket protocol for TextSecure soon.

Erm… as far as I understand it, they don’t. Google Cloud Messaging is used by TextSecure, Threema, and other (encrypted and unencrypted) apps on Android to deliver ‘instant’ messages as a replacement for SMS. Android itself is just using basic SMS.

So, @Fairlulu, if you have a carrier problem (i.e., not the ability to send/receive messages due to a malfunction of your SIM card), no app as a replacement can give you back that functionality. You would just circumvent it by using a different type of message, through a data or WiFi connection. You can rule that out by using your SIM in a different phone. If you can, e.g., swap phones with your husband, or even insert his card in your second slot and still do not receive texts send from that SIM, it would seem likely that there is a carrier/SIM problem.

If not, you might have blocked him. The basic “People” app allows to block/unblock numbers when you go to a contact and push the menu button. However, I don’t see a block for SMS only - this should also affect phone calls.

You might want to have a look here for some further ideas.

Sorry, excuse my total ignorance… i try to stay away from Google as much as I can. If you say. Will try to have a look into that later. However, still think it’s not normal not to be able to receive a message, besides several other people have sent me messages today, without any problem.

humorkritik, thanks for your suggestions. I did check that none of the numbers had been blocked and my husband can call me.