Has anyone found a 'shake to answer' app that works on the FP2?

I am used to using an app that allows one to answer a phone call by shaking the phone. I found this quick, reliable and intuitive on the FP1 and on other phones.

Sadly, the apps for this that I have tried on the FP2 don’t work at all.

It is possible that I have a faulty phone, but before I give up on it I’d like to know if anyone has had success with any ‘shake to answer’ app on the FP2?

It is possible to do that with Macrodroid but you need to have a rooted phone.

I try it, it works fine.

Does your accelerometer work in other apps?

Good point. I’ve used the ‘Phone Tester’ App to look at the accelerometer outputs, and they seem very similar to the values I see on the FP1, which did work well with ‘shake to answer’. But I’ll investigate this question more closely when (if) I can figure out a way of doing so.