Has anybody used Fairphone in the United states?

Thanks madde ! Looks like T Mobile should work, good to know !

Just remember (it’s in the small print in the link madde posted) that you won’t get 3G data in the US (their 3G network uses a frequency that the FP can’t handle). So you can make calls, and (if your operator offers it) use 2G/Edge data traffic. Enough for checking e-mail and a bit of browsing, but that’s about it. For heavier data transfer you’ll need wifi connection,

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No guarantee, but I think that is not exactly what the thread says. I think you habe to select a network (http://maps.mobileworldlive.com/network.php?cid=169&cname=United%20States) compatible with the Fairphone’s profile (https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201319993-What-are-the-exact-frequency-bands-of-the-Fairphone-Will-it-work-everywhere-) in order to get UMTS to work.
At least this German article tells me, that you should be able to use 3g networks of some telecom operators in the US (http://mobil.teltarif.de/mobilfunk/umts/international.html).

Why don’t you go to a nearby telecom shop and ask them about this matter? Hopefully they can clarify whether they are fully compatible or not.
And don’t forget to write us about your experiences!


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@madde: you’re probably right. Things change all the time. According to wikipedia 3G/UMTS in the US uses 850, 1700 and 1900 MHz while the FP handles 3G/UMTS on 900 and 2100 MHz only. However, mobileworldlive.com lists at least seven operators in the US (T-Mobile among them) that uses the 2100 MHz band, so it should work - provided that these nets cover the area where you are.

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Totally off-topic - sorry, but given my painful experience in multiple several countries I can’t resist.
:laughing: Bruahaha! :laughing: May I question the assumption that anyone in a telco shop can give that information, let alone give you informed and concise answers, at all?

Imagine their faces if they ask you what kind of phone you’ve got and you say: "A Fairphone."
I’ve seen that look. Several times. Actually, it could be fun trying that… again.

On a more serious note: I’ve seen someone on twitter, and at one point the old forum as well, announcing that he wanted to sell his Fairphone in the US. Maybe you can get in touch and ask which provider Alexander Payne used?

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Thanks everybody, this is all very helpful.

@humorkritik, I just checked the listing you posted and he said he actually never used his FP. Thanks for the suggestion, though !

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i bought a prepaid AT&T data sim card and had no problems with internet access.

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Has anyone in the US had problems sending text messages from their phone? I can make calls no problem, but for some reason texting is not working.

I have been using my FP1 several times now in the U.S. Mostly in New York (city and long island region) but also in the San Francisco area. I have used two different German SIM cards (congstar and T-Mobile) in roaming mode and also a local one (h2o). Any of them weren’t able to connect faster than 2g (edge mode) - no matter wetter i set or adjusted in the settings. It’s ok so far, I was at least able to phone, text, surf, mail and also to use Google maps to navigate, though the slow speed is annoying from time to time. I would be glad to overcome this, but could not yet figure out how. Changing the network to manually select there are not any 3g networks available…

I am currently in the U.S., do I could test any suggestions immediately.


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@TimmWa Sorry, but I’m positive that this can’t be changed. Please read the thread above. @madde and @kgha posted the relevant info. 3G in the US is not exactly the same as 3G / UMTS in Europe. Wikipedia can help you there, too. In short: different frequency, different protocols. You’ll have Edge, and that’s about it.

Does anyone know if the upcoming Fairphone2 will be definitely compatible within USA using GSM and specially 4G LTE ?

I used the FP1 last summer during traveling with a us t-mobile sim within the us west-coast - it was no problem - also the austrian sim worked just fine in the second sim slot at the same time! But was only using 3G though - the 4G package was to expensive…


First of all: the Fairphone 1 does not support LTE/4G.

Whether you’ll be able to use 4G on your FP2, you can check here:

Thanks gentlemen
My question is about FP2.
Now here is what I induce from all this mess:

  • the FP2 is GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad-band: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • AT&T 4G LTE is 700/850/1700/1900Mhz
  • Conclusion: FP2 should work at least with AT&T using 850/1900
    Is it right ?

Hey, don’t call it a mess, it is a neatly redacted wiki post! :wink:

If they have 4G on 4 frequency bands, I would be careful and check, in which region they offer which frequencies. I don’t think they have all 4 frequencies in every state (also check for uplink/downlink).

Thanks Stef,
when I said mess, I was not speaking about the wiki, but the GSM/3G/4G lake of standard of the “unfair” industry.
So I have found this:

Looks like there is no differences betweens states.
Now what is sure is that if you dont care about the carrier (they most of the time offer similar plans), a dozen of frequencies are covered: from 700 to 2500 through different providers: AT&T, Tmobile, …
Does it mean that FP2 should fit with at minimum one of them ?

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I am guessing it should work with a mexican AT&T card as well?!

i guess so, mich, but can’t confirm it by own experience. for FP2, i had again an AT&T sim card in the US just 2 weeks ago and used it w/o any issues.

I’m using Ting ()runs on T-Mobile). ATT is off the list for their privacy practices.
Ting has a SIM that’ll work, and the rates are really reasonable. The speed isn’t really a big deal for me because I have wifi at home/work, and a mobile hotspot through the Calyx Institute. The connection is really only for voice and data.
I ported my number over to the phone in a matter of seconds. A little more detail about both Ting and Calyx here: http://ethical.tech/experimenting-with-the-fairphone-1-in-the-us/