Hardware/software bugs are pretty common these days

[quote=“Lars2, post:32, topic:19411”]I would love (to be a tester for the Fp1)but I already work in the beta tester program for fairphone 2 and that is very exhausting. By the way I didn’t apply for it.
I just bought a telephone. Sorry for my sarcasm

I understand your problem, but maybe a new topic would be better to discuss this.

If you really rely on your phone in a hard way, a used iPhone or BlackBerry might be more stable. This is what most companies use.

It’s sad, but hardware/software bugs are pretty common these days. Electronics these days are not made by one company alone, but by complex interconnected groups of companies. Often while withholding important information about quality problems or code to other players. But once a product is designed and build, it’s hard to go back and start from scratch. And FP is just doing this for the 2nd (or lets be honest) for the 1st time.

In my opinion, companies these days ship too early and fix most problems only once the product is out the door and sold without talking much about what caused the problems. They just replace hardware and/or send out updates. I think transparent QA/QC can help. I was hoping FP would be more transparent about their finding and fixing bugs process, but maybe they are not allowed to talk about it due to contracts with the OEM? I don’t know.

If you read really, really closely you will see that most bugs are grouped around the modem, loose connectors and the antenna, something that could for some phones be a hardware and for other a software problem. Or both. So it’s bit hard to fix and annoying … but possible. And I guess no one found it during the initial testing …

A phone made by a young company can be buggy, as long as they document hardware and software bugs and talk about them openly. The last changelog was not very good, people had to use diff and checksums just to figure out what files had changed (The baseband firmware was replaced ….)


I like your objective analysis.

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