Hard drive and fp3

I just updated my laptop hard drive so have a spare hard drive hanging about. Can I use this with my fp3?

In what sense?

Probaly via the USB C port

If it’s an old 2.5" drive that requires power, it will require power from an external source usually via a housing

and an SDD will still require an interface to USB C

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It´s probably not a problem with USB-C anymore but I tried to connect a 2,5 inch magnetic harddisc to the Micro-USB port of a Samsung S3.

End of the story was:
Some part of the electronics in the phone or the battery got damaged and starting from then it could happen the battery was on 70% and then the next moment on 0%.

I don´t know how this works with USB-C. But I won’t try this again (at least with magnetic harddiscs). USB-sticks and SSD harddiscs should be fine.

I just have read:
SSD uses 0,5 to 5,8 W; HDD uses 6 W or more.

Yes you ‘need’ to power a hard drive exernally ??

Since it´s possible to power for example an USB-Stick by the phone without an external power supply, it would be an interesting question to know how much power the FP3/4 are able to deliver max.
Maybe - just maybe - it´s enough for a SSD.

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