Hard bricked FP1?

Hi there,

Great to see all the effort put in to updating the FP1!

Maybe some of you can help me out too…
It seems I have a hard briked FP1U, when I have it connected to charge my phone flashesh on and off. Volume button + power button enters recovery mode every now and then, but if I reach, no response on whatever option I take.

I found the manual on hardbricked FP1 on the XDA forum, however, I am not able to load the scatter file in SP flash. In the latest version I get error message ‘‘Error: Status_scatter_file_invalid (0xC0030001)’’. I tried older versions of SP flash, however I stumble upon other errors too. Anyone who has an idea how to solve this?

Or maybe an #fairphoneangels in The Netherlands who would like to try and safe my fp?

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For reference: https://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Fairphone_Fairphone/Guides#How_to_restore_Fairphone_if_you_totally_bricked_it

I updated the guide about a year ago (22 May 2018) and if you follow everything exactly as described in the instructions, you should be successful.

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Thanks for the responses.

Indeed this is the guide I ment

I am running in a Windows 10 pc, still I get an error when I load the scatter file, both on the mentioned SP Flash v5.1352.01 and on the latest SP Flash v5.1628_Win.

On Windows 10 I should not need any specific driver, right? So could it be some kind of setting I am unaware of?

The error messages I reveice gave me some hits while searching the internet, though no funtional solution so far.

With SP Flash version v5.1352.01 the error reads:
Error: Initizalizing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal
Changing name and/or location does not help. I dont have the knowlegde to read/understand what is in the scatter file itself…

With SP Flash version v5.1628_Win the error reads:
Error: Status_scatter_file_invalid (0xC0030001)
[HINT]: …

In this case too, I don’t find any working solution searching the internet. E.g. the sugesstion to have ### General Setting ### as a first line does not change a thing.

Someone with any experience here?:grimacing:

Which step is failing? Step 3?

Start SP Flash Tool and load the scatter-loading file from the Fairphone binaries. This will set everything up and it should load all pieces into the right place.

Yes indeed, it is step 3 that fails.

I just download the SP Flash files, unzip and run the flash_tool.exe, right? When I open the scatter I get the error message right away.

To test whether it is a problem with the sp flash app I downloaded an android scatter from https://www.beritahuaja.com/2015/08/download-files-mediatek-scatter.html. This scatter managed to load, however, I have no clue how to make the FP scatter work.

Maybe good to add, I downloaded both the stock FP1 OS and the FP1 4.4.4 by z3ntu (v0.0.2).

You cannot simply use the update.zip. You need the Fairphone binaries from here.

Then you have to load the file MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt that you find after unzipping the binaries.

Aah, that explains. Now I can load the scatter, thanks!

Now, for my understanding, I continue the steps as described on the XDA forum using this scatter from the binaries (sorry, misunderstanding of definitions from my side…).

If this is successfull, I can try to update with z3ntu’s Android Kitkat 4.4.4 version as described here: Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1

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Update for today: I was able to load the right scatter. However, my phone does not respond when coupled to my laptop. It is still flashing from black screen (off) to blue screen (trying to boot but failing).

I read a post suggesting to disassemble the phone as far as possible and to reassemble it (cannot find the link right now, I’ll update this post whenever I find it), so I guess I’ll give that a try tomorrow…

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