Hanging while switching between profiles

I would like to ask if there are people who are using work and home profiles on FP3.
For me switching between apps from different profiles, let’s say from Signal IM on Home to Teams on Work can take 10 seconds. During that time the phone is frozen, non-responsive. The worst case is when I leave my phone after using Teams on Work profile and then someone calls me on Home profile (as a normal call or a call via Signal IM), the ringtone sounds but I cannot pick it up for 10 seconds before the switch of the profiles happens. I need to constantly remind me to switch to home profile before I put my phone on the table.

Am I the only one who has such a problem? Will switching to LOS make things different? Does LOS even support multiple profiles?

If I reset, does it matter if I setup work profile first and then the home one?

Any idea what the cause for my problem could be?


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