Gyroscope or sensors misbehaving when taking panoramas

Hi everyone,

I am currently travelling (in New Zealand, yeah! - 3G/4G works fine here BTW) and taking a lot of pictures with my new Fairphone 2…

I enjoy taking panoramic photos, but sadly the panorama mode is a bit frustrating because, quite often, and especially even more when the device is on landscape position, the phone (gyroscope? or another sensor? or the software?) often “believes” am turning slowly to the side when I am still not, making it really tricky to take panoramic pictures, and so when it occurs, impossible to take a full 360° panorama, because it either thinks I’ve already finished my rotation when it’s not the case (having a smaller angle difference between the pictures), or the opposite (bigger angle between the pictures resulting in a less good quality photo assembling).
This issue seems to appear only with the panoramic or photo-sphere mode, though, as other apps using the gyroscope don’t seem to have this problem (even if Google Sky Map is -very- shaky and Street View strangely moving as well), and the Sensor Test app I have downloaded to check the sensors seems to show no problem, with only a permanent 9.81m/s2 movement in one direction, apparently due to gravity (the 3 x, y & z axis sharing thepis data according to the position of the phone). So it seems to be a software issue, isn’t it?

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Do you also have this problem when using another camera-app, like opencamera from F-Droid?

I’ve downloaded it, but there is no panorama mode in Open Camera…

Hi all,

My Fairphone 2 has the exact same problem! Did anybody find a solution yet?

Warm regards,

I use FP open, ther is also no option for panorama pictures. Is that normal?