Guarantee reminder

Even though I already completed the process for the prolonged guarantee my FP4 starts reminding me to do so.
Is this normal because there´s no connection between guarantee and FP-Software?
It´s confusing me … but I have the email confirming the prolonged guarantee.
Can anyone calm my doubts please?


Yeah same behaviour here, it’s weirdly wired, as if the mail you give to register your warranty is absolutely not related to your account.
So I wouldn’t pay much attention :slight_smile:

Thanks for that information … I am not the only one :sweat_smile:

you can disable the reminders in the My Fairphone app > Settings.


same problem here! FP4

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I registered my brand new Fairphone 4 a couple days ago, and yet yesterday I got an email reminding me to register it! Again!
WTF? Does it mean my initial registration hasn’t gone through, or do they send those emails out without checking?

I’m really worried. Is there a way to check if it has been registered? I did register it again, a second time, and the website didn’t complain about it being already registered, so does the registration process work at all? Or does it just go through the motions and actually nothing gets registered anywhere?

I would suggest to wait a few days to see if you get the confirmation that you have registered your phone.
Just ignore the reminder.
Only when you haven’t received the confirmation after a week, I would try to register your phone again.

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I did receive confirmation in both cases, but they seem to just be automated replies, triggered by clicking on “Submit”.

The real question is if the back office does indeed register those registrations. Meaning that if around 2025 I have a problem with my phone, will they accept it as being still under warranty, or will they tell me I’m nowhere to be found in their database? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(I can’t imagine their servers send out reminders without actually checking the status first.)

That’s exact what’s happening.
I have recieved a mail telling me that the warranty is extended till January 23th 2027.