Growth Predictions

First batch: 25,000 phones. Second batch: 35,000 phones. Yay! Growth! :smile:

Have the Fairphone team published any predictions of how the production volume might grow over the next year / 2 years / 5 years / whatever?

@MikeP, good question. I don’t think FP have published any further details about their expected growth since they discussed this after the end of the 1st batch. We obviously know they are working on a 2015 version Fairphone, but we don’t know details or much about their roadmap for growth.

Honestly, “only” 22,000 2nd batch phones have been sold and the counter isn’t increasing all that fast, so I’m kind of wondering if FairPhone is already running out of steam.

I bet It’d be different if they open the shipments to USA too!

I reckon a combination of a new phone and worldwide shipments will help significantly with the uptake. Fixing of various bugs and the Android OS update to 4.4 would help too.

Personally I’m looking for 4G on both sims, thus making switching the data faster, and allowing operators that require 3G; and improved GPS as the main improvements for a future Fairphone.