Greenify crashes

Hi everyone!
I really have a strange problem with Greenify on my FP2 under Lineage 17.1.
The Greenify services work very well, i.e it hibernates my apps, works properly (well, seems to at least), but each time I open the app, it crashes after exactly 10 seconds. No matter what I do, whether I just wait on the start page, go in the settings, it either crashes (so app closes) or starts again (as if I had closed and launched again).
Twice (I think) the app allowed me to use it for more than 10 seconds (for me to set it up :pray:) . But I have no clue why…
Does it happen to someone else? And do you know how I could have access to some information about why it doesn’t work? Even though I can still use Greenify, it’s a bit annoying…

Thanks in advance :wink:

If you installed Greenify out of habit because you used it in earlier Android versions … Does it still have a measurable effect for you, i.e. have you tried to run your phone without it now in LineageOS 17.1 times?

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Well… It has little effect on my battery, but I’m still comparing and testing… I’m going to try with and without, but a few apps like WhatsApp still drain the battery a lot.
And then I must say I use Greenify as well for practical aspects (i.e hibernated apps don’t bug me).

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