Green Checkmarks on apps

I am periodically getting green exclamation marks on my apps. Does anyone know what these are? I can’t find anything on google.

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Could you attach a screenshot (or a link to one if the forum won’t yet let you do that)?

Would this be on the icons of apps on the home screen?

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I often find this (I think: almost only or exclusively) on my VLC app icon in /e/OS. It’s a notification – which was probably not hard to guess, but I kept wondering what exactly the one on my VLC icon actually wants to tell me. I looked up the exact notification settings for VLC, and my guess is that in my case, the exclamation mark just tells me that I started to play a file or folder or playlist or album or …

Settings > Notifications > App settings > VLC

(Sorry, I did switch the UI to English, but for whatever reason it keeps showing this mishmash :wink: )

“Verschiedenes” might translate into “Various”
“Medienbibliothek durchsuchen” – “Search/explore media library”
“WIederpage” – “Play(back)”

In /e/OS all apps currently showing a notification should have this green exclamation mark. For VLC I agree it’ll probably show that you still have a player notification open (even if the player might be currently stopped).