Great concept but not yet there

I’ve been a fp3 user for over two years now. I found the concept of swappable parts very interesting. As well as a phone that it’s fair for both the environment and the producers.

However, these two years have been quite disappointing.

The phone is now incredibly slow. The camera quality is pretty bad - useless bar something that I really need to picture for the information.
The dual SIM is very useful, but often I have had issues with one of them stop working - and thus often asking me to reinsert the pin. The audio isn’t great either - WhatsApp calls have a significant amount of background noise.
Android auto is also unstable. Slow to connect and often breaks.

Overall, I cannot recommend this phone to anyone, especially if they use it daily. And for those who don’t use it daily, there are cheaper alternatives.

Hopefully FP4 is better, but from the experience I had up to now, I won’t be trying it. The concept is great but it’s just not there yet. After just two years I now have to change the phone again. This way it’s neither fair for the environment nor my wallet.

Unless they are a fairtrade freak

That’s probably down to your use, SD card, memory etc. Try using in Safe mode for a couple of days after clearing caches of apps and ensure you have 6GB of memory left
If you have an SD card formatted as Internal then yes you may have problems and more to come.

That’s vague, bad good is in the eyes of the beholder. So what do you expect and what are you comparing it to. I have no problems except picture over sharpened in video calls

No such problem on two FP3s

Did you upgrade the cameras? What camera app do you use? There is ‘Open Camera’ and various ports of ‘Gcam’

Yes but I’ve not had to do such after 2.5 years

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