Grand #EFCT16 Photo Contest 📷

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##:trophy: Winner category Fairphone 1 Edited :trophy:

Fairphone 1U edited (cut and autocolor)


Fairphone 2 Unedited


Fairphone 2 Unedited


Fairphone 1U unedited:

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PiraFone2 unedited:

FairPhone 2 - Next New Camera? (Discussion about curiosity and desire)
Playground: Features of this forum
Prototyping Shield with charging port (e.g. QI)

Fairphone Support - FP2, unedited, not staged


You should include the time of day :wink:


8:35 pm ?

(I don’t want to believe there’s no one else working at Fairphone at 8 in the morning :smiley: )


It was 10 am of course! :smiley:

No actually urs is right.
@urs_lesse did you read the metadata, read the clock in the corner or guessed that I uploaded the picture right after taking it and since wifi at the FP office was slow it took me 3 minutes?


You could also look at the file name (“IMG_20160825_203338.jpg”) which is shown as a tooltip and as a bar on the bottom of the picture when you hover over the picture.


Fairphone 2 unedited

One of the ponds in the national park. There’s cows grazing in the park, you can see one here. Cows? Well, you called them buffalos but actually it’s a breed of cow.


Fairphone 2 unedited


Fairphone 2 unedited


Fairphone 1 edited



FP2 unedited


Fairphone’s home (left) and neighbourhood

FP2 unedited

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The scenic route from the central station to the Fairphone offices.
FP1, no edits (no time!)


Afrika, Fairphone’s neighbours.
(FP1, no edits - unless HDR shooting mode in the stock app counts as editing)