Gps using satellite from Turkey


It is more a security issue. I have a turkisch sertivicate. So I thought I turn it of. Now my GPS is not working. Why is Fairphone using a Turkisch GPS systeem? Second quistion: How can I use a european gps tracking system?



How can you tell?
I’m asking because it is unclear to me how a certificate would be connected to location.
Does perhaps a website using location not work anymore (because the website perhaps depended on the certificate)?

There is no such thing.
(There is this terrain based military system though.)

By using a newer phone which can use the relatively new European system called Galileo, the Fairphone 2 can only use the relatively older GPS (USA) or GLONASS (Russia).


Maybe your GPS just lacks GPS offline data. For calculating your position, GPS needs knowledge of orbital satellite positions. Normally this is acquired through your internet access. It can be extracted from the satellites data stream, so fully offline operation is possible, but that is considerably slower than through an internet connection.


The certificate you are showing has nothing to do with GPS. What app is showing you this certificate?

Edit: the certificate you are showing is an SSL root certificate. This certificate is trusted by the major browser vendors and there is no reason to delete it. Various countries are having their own certificate authorities and rogue CAs are quickly deleted through browser & OS updates if necessary.

Hey anotherelk,

I like to know more about Galileo, I also like to now more why fairphone is using these gps and glonass systems? But maby before you answer the quastion I google gps glonass and galileo first. So that quastion is on hold.

Your second quastion is answerd by your third comment.

Your first quastion because I turned it of and no I can’t get a gps location working. I’m not deep into the fairphone software. But it is a system certificate. So it is deep inside the fairphone system (or hardware). That is what I’m thinking. I wonder if it is common in the fairphone that it has this certificates?

Hello Hman,

I think gps can work without internet. You don’t need the internet to work. I think you need only the internet for granting acces to the gps system but not for using the gps system.

Hey AlbertJP,

So can somebody installed the root certifacte by updating my android system?


Because Galileo was still in its testing phase at the time of the phone’s conception and release, resulting in the choice of the SoC to use for the phone, which then would offer support for certain navigation systems.
Galileo went live in December 2016. Support for it in chips at the time the Fairphone 2 was designed was very limited. GPS and GLONASS were broadly supported already, so here we are.

It is common for every computer potentially connected to the internet to have those. So smartphones have them, too.
Else for instance your browser wouldn’t be able to securely communicate with websites offering secure communication (HTTPS), at least not without you installing certificates manually.

Yes, and @hman exactly described how this works.

I would suppose so, because there needs to be a mechanism to do the opposite, too: to deactivate certificates which became fraudulent, which happens from time to time.

You didn’t answer @AlbertJP’s important question:


My phone is connected to the internet g4 and sometimes wifi. So it is not a situation that it has no internet.

I checked the certifacted. It is not metioned in the certificate what app it is using. And I think it would be a system app because the certificate is under system. How do I find out the app that is using this certificate?

This certificate is normally part of your system, to validate the certificates presented by web sites you are visiting. If you visit a page from Turkey or use an app from Turkey, it may use this certificate to prove that the web site is genuine. It is trusted by Google and as such included in Android and Chrome - and I have checked that it comes with Firefox as well.

Many countries are having their own certificate authorities. Google and Mozilla are quite strict on CAs breaking the rules so the chance that they will harm your online security is pretty small.


Hey Albert,

Good to here from you. I turned as much as possible of. I hade a lot of these certificates. From china to japan etc. I think the whole world. And I’m not trusting these certificates. It are system certificates, I don’t understand why I need system certificates from turky japan or china. And I don’t want theme.



Well, as @AnotherElk already mentioned, the certificates are used for secure communication.
What certificates you need depends on whom you are communicating with. If the one you want info from is using a certificate issued by this turkish authority, you just need it. Otherwise the secure communication does not work. It’s like a language. If someone decides to offer info in turkish only, you are lost, if you have no translator for that language.
And in the end it’s not FP 's decision if you need this certificate, but your own, when you chose the apps etc. you use.
Well, I guess FP itself does not use this certificate for it’s communication.

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