GPS signal lost when screen locks

Hi guys,

I’m new here on this forum and I’m trying to find some answers :wink: it seems that the GPS connection gets lost when I lock my phone’s screen. For instance when I navigate with Google maps it will tell me “GPS signal lost” when I lock the screen and put the phone in my pocket. Fitbit also loses onnection to gps when the phone is locked. Does anybody else have this problem? Any ideas how to fix it?


I have done a similar observation with OsmAnd~ which I recommend as an alternative to Google maps. I tried out to disable battery saver mode in my settings and that seemed to fix the problem. However, I do not know if there is another possibility to work around the problem. Also, I would like to point out that I have /e/ installed, so that the issue may not be related to yours.

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I guess this is not limited to the FP3. See

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Thanks. A nice find!

I checked my settings and I had already allowed OsmAnd~ to use battery in the background, so that seems to not be the problem. Could it be that there is a related setting that somehow intervenes in the process?

At first glance this seems to be working! I’ve turned of the battery save mode and started my navigation. Didn’t get the notification I’ve lost GPS after I locked the screen. Gonna try this while driving on Sunday, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: great tip, thanks

Worked like a charm!! Thanks :ok_hand:

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