GPS doesn't work anymore

Hi Everyone !
I have a Fairphone 2 since two years, my wife has hers since one year. We both installed Fairphone Open. Despite some minor problems, we enjoyed our phones until about 10 days. We don’t have GPS locations anymore. At the same time, on both our Fairphones… Coincidence…? Everytime we launch SatStat, it finds satellites, but never catch a gps location. And as we are currently in a big trip (currently in Japan), we desperately need this function… And it’s not since we arrived in Japan, because we were able to use it in our first weeks in Japan.
Thanks a lot for your help !!!
PS : I already checked topics about gps in this forum, but it didn’t help…

Did you check the #gpsguide, too?

Does GPS not work at all for you, or does it “only” take ages to get a GPS fix, although at least 4 or 5 satellites are being found quickly? (We’re talking about a couple of minutes here, so really take your time to test this.)

In the latter case you might want to have a look at “A-GPS” and how to download current A-GPS data to the phone to speed things up again.
The phone needs an internet connection to download A-GPS data.

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You don’t mention whether you have rented a portable Wifi or not whilst in Japan.

Which means a “fix” takes up to 15 minutes -> Wikipedia without A-GPS (for FP2 and other Qualcomm chipsets) or similar assistant systems (for FP1 and other Mediatek chipsets). I fact the question is if GPS does not work at all any more or it just takes long. Also please try to receive GPS location outside under clear sky. Reception inside may take longer or does not work at all in concrete buildings.

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Thanks @AnotherElk
Yeah I checked the gpsguide before writing this message.
Fun fact : I could’nt have GPS for 10 days (sometimes I let my phone searching location for 20 minutes, but without results), and one or two hours after writing my message here, I could use my gps again, without doing anything else… Coincidence ? ^^

No portable wifi, cause there is wifi everywhere ^^ And I downloaded maps from Japan so I need just gps location.

The thing with A-GPS : I don’t know how to activate it (in the guide the path is not the same on my FP2…), nor EPO

AFAIK FP2 downloads and uses it automagically while searching location when Internet is working.

For EPO there is a special download menu in firmware settings.

Sorry, what is AFAIK FP2 …?


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haha sorry ^^
and thanks :slight_smile:

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I try to activate A-GPS as mentioned on FP2 Support :
Activate A-GPS and EPO
You can activate A-GPS and EPO here: SettingsLocation accessGPS satellites (tap the text) → Check A-GPS and GPS EPO assistance

But it does’nt appear “GPS satellites”… How could I do…?

I’m afraid, I don’t understand.

FP2 uses A-GPS when available, FP1 uses EPO. For FP3 I have not checked.

My setting is in Location “Device only” (which is GPS only) and I believe it downloads A-GPS data when necessary by itself.

So basically I’m sorry, looks like I can’t help. :frowning:

The app “GPS Test” (Plus in my case) from Chartcross Limited offers manually A-GPS clear and/or update. You may try this out, but I don’t know it this helps.

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