GPS activates itself (Drei Austria / Italy)

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Hello together,
I am facing the same annoying problem. For a couple of weeks my FP 1(U) is connecting without my permission with gps. I`m also in the austrian network of 3. Thanks to the duals sim I have the second sim card in A1. There I’m facing the same problem but not as often. When I activate via A1 the network connection the phone is activatin 1-2 times a day the gps. When I go for the faster connection via 3 the gps is activating constantly.
Hoping for a fast solution!


You probably got a notification about it, but I added your finding to the bug report.


I too have the same issue since 3 or 4 weeks now and I have 3 as my provider (and FP1). Anything I can help with regarding logs or other? I’m sure Stefan will help me out if you need something beyong my limited technical skills in this area


Will you be at our next meetup? (7.3.2017) If yes, we can quickly connect your phone to my laptop and get the logs.


Yes, I’ll be there but we can also meet earlier to get the data collected if you have time



Unfortunately, I’ve the same issue with my FP1 (my provider is also Drei) since January 5. That day I updated my phone from Cherry 1.6 to Kola Nut 1.8.7. I figured out that the app System-Ui is responsible for turning GPS on. Maybe this information is somehow helpful?

I hope we will find a solution soon!


Ok, this is super annoying. I have been experiencing the same issue as everyone for a couple of weeks now. I have been a proud fairphone user for years now but this and the pending android update is bugging me :frowning:


So, @Annia, the problem was not existent in Fairphone OS 1.6?

Ps: System UI is the user interface (UI). How did you find out that it is related to GPS?


Apparently not, at least I never had any troubles with GPS until the update…
When the GPS icon is shown in the notification bar, I slide down and press long on searching for GPS, then App-Details is popping up and then System-UI appears. When I’m forcing it to end, it stops searching. But unfortunately not for long…


Something else I noticed: in my case, GPS activates itself way more often when I’m not in Vienna (as compared to while I’m in Vienna).

So, it happened very often when I was in my hometown in Tirol, and it happened often the last weekend when I was somewhere in rural Niederösterreich. In Vienna, it rarely happens.


Above you said that you were on T-Mobile. Maybe T-Mobils falls back on the 3 network, if reception is bad.


maybe (though it would be strange because t-mobile IIRC used to have way better coverage in my hometown than 3/orange)

can i somehow find out if t-mobile does fall back to the 3 network?


Just wanted to say that for me it happens many, many times a day and I am in Vienna most of the time. My provider is Drei.


I think you sort of can find out using the app SatStat:

MNC 01 is A1:


T-Mobile […] roams on 3’s UMTS network where no UMTS


@Lars and I took adb bugreport and adb logcat -b radio -v time on his phone today. We sent the logs to beta[ät]fairphone.com :slight_smile:



It seems for me the GPS activation problem (see my post from Jan 23rd) has been solved somehow, at least I haven’t noticed it for 1-2 weeks now. So I’m starting to actually believe it :wink:

Anyone who had the same experience or knows what has been changed? I am not aware of any changes made by myself (except for regular updates of apps).



We could reproduce it on @Lars’ phone still on Feb 28th.


It’s still happening to me. I also believed that this was over because it didn’t happen on my for phone for a couple of days (see my posting above). That was a false “alarm”