GPS activates for incoming call

Had it for the first time:
Incoming call and gps wants to activate. Germany, Edeka mobil (D2-Vodaphone)

I moved your post since you are talking about the FP2.
When you say “GPS wants to activate” do you mean you get a prompt to choose whether you want to, or does it start in the background on it’s own?
If it’s a prompt and you say no, does it come again?

Thank you.

Its a prompt for the google location services, see screenshot.

In the location settings, I have “gps device only” so every time I activate the location services, the prompt comes up.

But location services are activated nevertheless in the background and I had to shut it down manually .

That’s strange. With Device Only the prompt shouldn’t come. It says itself “This Service is active if “high accuracy” or “energy saving” mode is selected”.

Just tested it again, the prompt always comes , although it is “device only”

Oh yeah now I remember. (I’m using Open OS).
On FP OS the prompt will come every time you activate GPS until you accept, no matter the mode. Workaround: Leave GPS enabled and at device only all the time. As long as it’s just enabled but not used it doesn’t use up battery.

Try that and then see if GPS is really used by the phone app. Does the location notification icon appear for incoming calls? Does GPS show in the battery stats if you didn’t use it (for anything else but the phone)?

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