Gosms and messenger not woking

I am not able to send sms messages with GOsms or Messenger?

My main problem is however that I need an app that gives me the option to select several contacts to send sms to. The original sms/mms app does not have that option?

In which country do you live and which provider doe you use?

Sweden, Halebop (Telia) and Telenor

Did you apply the update?
The privacy impact problem isn’t solved by the update, so re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

Applied update and reenabled privacy impact settings but it did not help.

Sms:a smsmms till 4466 eller beställ tjänsten på Mitt Telia. Logga in, välj ditt mobilabonnemang och klicka på länken Beställ tjänster.

Try it with Hangouts if you have a google-account or use for example SMSdroid from F-droid.

As far as I know, in the default SMS app, SMS to several recipients are converted into MMS. I don’t know if that’s the case as well with the apps that won’t work. So you should check your APN settings for MMS. Some providers don’t support MMS over WiFi, so try if it works when you’re connected to mobile data.

I have no problems sending sms/mms with the Android sms app. It’s just that Gosms and messenger sms apps doesn’t work. Hangouts seems to work!

But Hangouts doesn’t use dual sim…

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This is very strange. I found an app that works with dual sim: ZERO SMS. It’s very similar to GO SMS, but if I select a bunch of contacts from my list of contacts and click one of the “arrows” for the sim I want to use, the ZERO SMS app still asks me for each message which sim I would like to use. A little annoying but not much.

But, why isn’t GO SMS working? I can’t even sent one sms.

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