Gopro installation on FP2

I’m trying in vain to install the gopro application on my FP2.
When I try to find the application on the playstore, it is not available for the fairphone2. Gopro however indicates the required Android version is >= 7.0 (the android version of my FP2 is 7.1.2).
When I download directly the apk reconstituted with ApkExtractor on another smartphone, gopro launches but stops immediately before any display.
Has someone already succeeded in installing the actual gopro application or does he have a track to determine the cause of the non-functioning?
Thank you

Sorry, I don’t have an answer, but every now and then it isn’t obvious why certain apps are not compatible, e.g. Identifying reasons for application incompatibility

If ever there’ll be a definitive answer, I’d expect it to pop up in that topic.

More knowledgeable folks here, could this be related to the long awaited OpenGL ES 3.0 (formerly experimental) fix?

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