Google voice typing resets to 'on' after reboot (OSv1.8)

After the Fairphone OS update to 1.8 the keyboard changed. It now had a microphone where the comma used to be. Very annoying as I never use the microphone, but use the comma quite often. Anyway, turned out it was the Google voise typing that was set to ‘on’ in the settings, so I turned it off. All was good again with my keyboard. But today there was this microphone again. So I checked the settings and, indeed, Google voice typing was turned on again.
Turns out that this setting is not remembered if you turn off your phone and ‘on’ is the default. Very annoying.

Times used in this post:
microphone: 0
comma: 5

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that is why I don’t install Google Apps from the start. Those things do not happen without Google! :wink:

Since it seems to annoy you a lot, you could try to install FP OS 1.8 manually and then install Google Apps again to see if the issue persists. Maybe there was just something going wrong through setup.

I think you are using either the Google Keyboard app or AOSP Keyboard app (which are related, same-same, but different).

There would be other options, with other layouts. A colleague is using a keyboard in the old “dumbphone“ number block layout, e.g., and it’s quite fast combined with word recognition and swiping. Others on the forum are using Swype or SwiftKey. Have a look at your app depository of choice, I would suggest. You might find a keyboard with exactly the layout you want. :slight_smile:

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As far as I know I have no keyboard apps installed (I don’t see any under apps either). Is Google voice typing not part of the default FP OS?

No, gosh, no!!! I am so glad it isn’t! Like you nobody, including me, wants Google to know our voices!

Try the following: Go Settings > Apps > All and search for something like Google Voice or similar. Go there and press “disable.”

Hi there, I have a similar problem, but cant find any app called “voice” or else… is there a way to get the keyboard back on working?

… solved! found the keyboard tap and got it back!