Google slow to respond

Hi, I have an FP2 that is about three years old although it has been back to Fairphone in the Netherlands a few times to sort out various problems I’ve had with it over that time. Recently, I’ve found that Google is slow to respond and I usually get the message that google is slow to respond and do i want to wait which is what I choose and then I am able to browse although slowly or very slowly. I don’t see how I can remedy this. I can’t seem to uninstall and then reinstall Google like I would do with other apps. Is there a low cost, relatively simple solution ? Thanks

Is this the only experience of slowness in your FP2? If you feel it is generally slowing down, I recommend you check Settings > Storage and see how full your phone’s internal storage is.


It is really and when I checked storage it is only just over half full. Thanks for the suggestion though. It was worth checking.


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