Google requires new Android devices with Type-C to not break USB-PD

It seems like Google will require USB PD compatibility for all USB Type C connected smartphones to receive Android 10 when they were manufactured in 2019 and the update takes place after 3.09.19.

As Fairphone supports QuickCharge 3.0 it seems like it will get harder to receive an update to Android 10 or even Android 11.


All the more reason for FP to develop a version of Fairphone Open for the FP3 - which obviously wouldn’t solve the problem of people who want a current Googlified OS on their FP3. But if I’m reading this article right, barring a bottom module hardware update, an AOSP Google-less experience will be the only option.

Perhaps this would be an option, right. But I don’t know if that’s the only thing that would needed to be changed. Perhaps there are related chips on the main board.

There is always something stupid coming up getting in Fairphone’s way…


Where do you even read this?
The article you linked to only states that supporting a proprietary charging standard should not break compatibility with USB-PD chargers.

So if the Fairphone 3 would be able to charge with a USB-PD charger, everything should be fine?
I can’t try, I have neither (I guess).


It can surely be recharged with the minimum amount, like standard usb2. But the reason Google is setting these specs is that phones support USB PD fast charger, which isn’t supported by fairphone 3 :slightly_frowning_face:
At least that’s how i’m interpretating the article.

USB Type-C needs to be chargeable with standard USB charging hardware, which includes USB-PD hardware. However, they don’t need to support the quick charging capabilites from the USB-PD hardware, as long as you can charge them. At least that’s how I understand the article.


Please read the full text and definition. I don’t see any reason to be afraid. The charging port will not be a risk for Android 10 and 11!


I actually had a USB-PD laptop charger with me on the Meet FP3 event in Düsseldorf, but sadly I didn’t try to charge the FP3 because its battery life is so good that it needed no charger. I still assume it shouldn’t be a problem, though, as long as the phone does not violate the USB-C specification. USB-PD chargers default to 5V if the connected device doesn’t negotiate anything higher.


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