Google Playstore is not available

My FP Open started giving all kinds of errors, Apps get failures, Browser app vanished, Google Playservices stopped working. So I decided to remove the Google Playstore. That helped a bit. But then more failures strted to arise. Could no longer scan QR-codes with the camera. Etc. So I decided to move back to Android.
But after resetting my phone to factory default, the Google playstore is not available. Therefor I cannot install any app.
The screen showing up after startup is empty, no apps at all. The settings-Apps shows 20 Apps, but no Google playstore. The ony browser is Firefox Klar.
How can I get Google Playstore again?

You mean you want to go back to Fairphone OS?
In that sense, Fairphone Open OS is Android, too.

You have resetted Fairphone Open OS.
Fairphone Open OS doesn’t come with Google Apps and services from the start, you could simply install Open GApps again now (I suppose you had this installed before if you’re missing Google Apps now somehow).

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

If you are on the latest Fairphone Open OS version (18.10.0) … on the Open GApps website select ARM - 7.1 - package of your choice (pico is the minimum for the Play Store).

If you are still on Android 6 (Fairphone Open OS 18.04.1 or earlier), select ARM - 6.0 - package of your choice.

If you want to get back to Fairphone OS anyway, here’s how …


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