Google playstore installation stuck after 1.8.7 update

After installing the 1.8.7 software update i went ahead to reinstall google playstore. I tried about 10 times now and every time end up getting stuck in the third screen where you register your name so apps can be personalized. I left it on for a whole night, but still the installation didn’t continue. Any ideas any one?

Also on how to start over and try again? Because now every time i switch on my phone again i get the google playstore installation whizard, so cant even call my mothet for her birthday.

Thanks, peter

Have you granted superuser access to the Fairphone Updater always? I suggest you install 1.8.7 again (so Google Apps disappear), and try a fresh reinstall of Google Apps afterwards.

But then you do need to escape from the Google Apps activation screen, which doesn’t have a skip option any more.

Does this work on the FP version of android?: Or alternatively (apparently works on more recent samsung devices): bottom left, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right, volume up. If not, maybe fairphone support will know a way to bypass the activation screen.

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