Google Play Store

Hello! I cannot use Google Play Store anymore… therefore, I cannot download new apps :frowning: What to do?! Many thanks, Elena

give more details: do you still have the app store icon on your phone? If so what happens when you try to launch it?

If you deleted the icon you can easily reinstall it from the app drawer (the icon with many small dots when sliding on the screen from the side, gets you to the list of all your apps and from there select the other tab, the one for widgets, and choose the “install google apps”)

If you have the GApps icon already, then it’s maybe a matter of your google credentials not set correctly?

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I have the same problem.

First I had problem with downloading from the playstore. My phone said I didn’t had enough space on my phone. So I cleaned up, now I’m sure I have enough space for new apps, but it doesn’t work.

I saw I could update my fairphonesystem after I started up my phone again he wouldn’t reinstal the Playstore. My phone shows me everytime a screen with “Android-toetsenbord (AOSP) is gestopt” or “het proces is gestopt” (in dutch) . And then he brings me back to my homescreen

I tried many times, but I really don’t know what to do!

I hope you can help me?